Field labs

Field labs provide practical environments that allow companies and research institutes to develop, test and implement targeted solutions.

Field labs also offer an environment where people can learn how to apply these solutions. They serve to strengthen links with research, education and policy on specific themes. Some field labs have a regional focus, while others concentrate on national, European or global solutions. Watch a video about three of the labs.

Examples of field lab activities and propositions:

  • Development
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Demonstration
  • Certification
  • Consultancy
  • Network
  • Workshops
  • Education
  • Commercial space
  • Meeting facilities
  • Project support

Most of the West Holland field labs that collaborate in SMITZH also participate in the national Smart Industry Programme, a broader initiative aimed at creating Europe’s most flexible and best digitally connected manufacturing network within the Netherlands by 2021.

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Read more about the Smart Manufacturing field labs affiliated to SMITZH and their activities below: