(Smart Advanced Manufacturing)

Composite research centre

SAM|XL is a research centre based on the TU Delft campus. At SAM|XL companies and research institutes collaborate in the field of automating and robotising the manufacture of lightweight structures such as composite.

In this field lab, we develop, demonstrate and de-risk technologies prior to upscaling for aviation, wind turbine, aerospace and maritime applications. Companies can use the SAM|XL facilities on a project basis together with students, TU Delft and TNO.

We are currently developing large-scale automation cells for layup, the cleaning, pre-treatment and coating of surfaces, the welding of composite materials, drilling, non-destructive inspection and the large-scale measurements of the machines themselves. From 2019, these facilities will be available for use in 2,000 square metres of industrial space at SAM|XL. We invite both large and small companies as well as research institutes to participate. The centre has the legal status of a foundation with a participation model that sets out how cooperation takes place. SAM|XL is an initiative of TU Delft and Fokker-GKN.